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The new product SP is suitable in requital for the F1 remote conduct RC aircraft heap of various brands to use Robby Gordon is a versatile racer,from NASCAR races to cross-country short anniversary card races all get successSpeedMerchant OR-18, one-eighteenth crate shellSpeedMerchant launched a one-eighteenth remote device automobile (unchangeable road) car shell,named OR-184Ghz remote guide are all standard configurationsThe new bearing suspension rocker allowed the crate to motivate into the bending through the higher speed,the tail suspension in augmentation to increasing the grip and let the passenger car be more smooth in the breach process Support 3, 4 and 6s lithium battery, ultra tapering body 3 mm lightweight backplane seconded to counterweight optimization position,realize the ultra low center of sobriety and extraordinary weight distributionTR-12 meets the requirements of EFRA/IFMAR, BRCA, ROAR and JMRCA each grown event

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